Archers Rise

by Archers Rise

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Radiant anthems soaring on the wings of keen yet reflective melodies, a refrain of hope that will not let you go.


released February 1, 2012

Produced by Kelsey Smith/Jesse Ribordy/Archers Rise
Mastered by Hans DeKline
Mixed by Kelsey Smith
Engineered by Evan Hodge



all rights reserved


Archers Rise Oregon

Archers Rise was a dream of Tom Cox (guitar, vocals), formerly of Falling Up (Tooth&Nail), and was birthed into reality as Jeremiah (drums), Matt (keys) and Lee (bass) came together to create a work of authentic beauty and embolden their listeners to truly live. The result is six diverse tracks housing a sound that intensifies with each play. Archers Rise invites the listener to find their voice. ... more

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Track Name: Embers
It moves, yes it moves
There is something about your words
It burns, Yes it burns
When my heart completely turns.

Now we are shining like the stars
Glowing with the embers of
Everything you are

Here I am
Send me
I don't want to do this alone
Unless I'm under your wings

I feel, yes I feel
Like this is something real
It's time, Yes it's time
It's time for us to rise

Touch these lips I wanna be
Only yours forever (We are We are)
Track Name: Get Away
Look closely into my eyes
Raise your hands let em dance until they collide
Let's escape, don't be late
Or you will miss your ride

Watch these parallel lines
Lift off the ground without a sound up into the sky
Where love waits, Where love breaks
In attempt to communicate

So let's get away, get away
Into the sun light
There we'll stay, there we'll stay
Until we hear from you

Now that we feel the pulse inside
Don't scratch the surface, Don't be nervous
come on let's take a dive
To the deep, where love meets
Faith, Hope, and they multiply.

Close your eyes (darkness fades away)
And you'll fly
Track Name: Ceilings
Every Moment that I breath the same air you do
It sends a shiver down my spin
I hope it does the same for

When your hand caresses mine,
I get a burning feeling inside
That we could hold all through the night
That we could hold all through this life

Farewell, feelings
I'm never gonna go back to staring at these ceilings alone
So long, I'll be
Doing everything to keep from staring at these Ceilings alone

The signs became so clear every word from my heart
There was something that I promised you
I could wait until we start
Won't you tell me not to run
And that our story's just begun
And we could hold all through the night
And we will see the morning light

Lonely for the last time
Track Name: A Sweet Ghost
I saw a ghost on the corner of Quarry Street
The memory of it all twitter-patted my heart beat
I still get kinda scared but I'm starting to find
That this ghost has no teeth so I no longer fear the bite

When this world tries to let me down
I lift my eyes and begin to sing this sound

I'm just staying alive, I'm just holding on
I'm just staying alive till I go go go home

Attempt again but the sting is so strong
I'm such a painful let down when I try to belong
So let's refuse to conform and let's renew our minds
I want to breathe in this world as a living sacrifice

I swear
I can hear
Your heartbeat
Clear from hear
Track Name: Soar
Empty eyes
Are you lost and in disguise
Obeying lies
There's still a pulse but something dies
Something dies

All who are weary, would you stand up
All who are broken, would you stand up
All who have been let down, would you stand up
And finally be found, and rise up

As you soar
and fly
let love
be your sky

Shadows hide
kisses in the night
In need of light
But the fear covers my eyes
But not this time

All who are guilty, would you stand up
All who are empty, would you stand up
All who are to blame, would you stand up
Put on these wings, and rise

Welcome the loveless
Welcome the deceived
Welcome the betrayed
Welcome the last place
Welcome the dying
Welcome the weak
Welcome the adulterers
Enter the unseen
Track Name: Dragons Beware
Once upon a time
In a land not much different than mine
There was a boy who swore he could fly
Whenever he looked into the princess' eyes

And so the story goes
He's just a popper in tattered clothes
But he prayed every night
And wished upon a star
And his prayer went a little bit like this

God, hear my cry
And I'll slay a dragon if I have to tonight
For just one sight
Of her heart intertwined with mine
But your will not mine
Yes your will not mine

At last there came a day
When she was just a stones throw away
His moment had come so fast
This moment he did not want it to slip his grasp

And so the story goes
He's just a poor boy that nobody knows
But he stepped out from the crowd
And sang to her out loud
And his song sang a little bit like this

Darling, hear my cry
And I'll slay a dragon if I have to tonight
For just one sight
Of your heart intertwined with mine
But the Lord's will not mine, Yes the Lord's will not mine

But it would be fine
If we could ride
On this magic carpet tonight
And we can dance
Under a curtain of stars
Where only the heavens can see us from afar